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21 October 2022
Paris, France
Accélérer le développement de médicaments à l'aide de biomarqueurs d'imagerie biomédicale

Welcome to 

Accelerating drug development using biomedical imaging biomarkers 

organized by PASREL-imagerie

Gathering all biomedical stakeholders, this first event aims at highlighting the significant role of preclinical and clinical in vivo imaging in drug development.

Take this unique opportunity to:

  • Hear introductions of innovative projects by industrial and academic partners
  • Discover the latest advances with expert speakers on molecular imaging and Phase 0 / microdosing to de-risk medical innovations
  • Develop your network and strengthen academic – industrial collaborations (virtual and in person B2B meetings organized on October 20 and October 21 respectively)

The PASREL-imagerie Team


About Pasrel Imagerie

PASREL-imagerie mission is to speed-up medical innovations with unrivaled translational in vivo imaging expertise and platforms.

PASREL-imagerie  provides state-of-the-art preclinical and clinical imaging to achieve your projects by bringing together:

  • Preclinical (rodents and non-human primates) and clinical imaging: PET, MRI, Ultrasound, bi-photon microscopy, Multimodal Imaging, radiopharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Complementary platforms: animal models and housing, behavior, viral vector, BSL 1-2-3 environments, etc.
  • 4 complementary and multidisciplinary CEA centers (MIRCen, SHFJ, IDMIT and Neurospin) investigating numerous therapeutic areas such as infectious diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and oncology.

From animal to patient, you have the opportunity to characterize pathophysiology of diseases, efficacy of drug candidates, compound biodistribution, and first tests in humans for example.

PASREL-Imagerie partners will thus have access to a complete and powerful range of translational expertise and equipment through one-stop-shop to support their innovative developments.

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